Retreat Staff Spotlight: Kyle Swetlishnoff

spotlight-kyle-swetlishnoffOur Retreat Staff at Glorieta go the extra mile to see that our guests get the experience they’re looking for! From the initial planning stages until the very end of your stay, these leaders are committed to serving and serving well.

Today we’re featuring… Kyle Swetlishnoff!

First off, Kyle, where are you from?

Haha, a little bit of everywhere. I was born amongst the moose herds and maple syrup groves of Canada, grew up in Illinois, moved to Colorado, and then moved back to Illinois again. College brought me to Missouri, and most recently I called the great nation of Texas my home.

What’s your position on the retreat staff and what does it involve?

I'm the Retreats Manager. I oversee all of the experiences for our retreat guests, hire and supervise seasonal staff, plan programmed retreats, develop school retreat programming and race events, and manage communication amongst all the departments that play a role in making a retreat happen.

What's your favorite thing about your role?

Meeting guests! Getting to talk with groups and hear about their experiences brings a lot of satisfaction to the work that goes into preparing and executing an event.

How did God bring you to Glorieta?

Oh man, that's a bit of a long story that starts with a service trip to Glorieta in 2014, continues with 4 years of refining in the Texas wilderness, and is brought to fruition by a desire for a new challenge and an engagement! If you want to hear the rest, come on out for a retreat and I'll tell you around the campfire!

When you’re not busy helping groups have an amazing retreat experience, what do you like to do?

God's given me a huge passion for trail running, so living here in the southern Rockies is a dream come true. There are so many gorgeous trails and summits to explore! And when I'm not running, you can probably find me eating lots of ice cream, playing games, or contemplating whether the series finale of Lost was the best thing ever or a total bust.

Can you tell us about one specific moment or experience that has deeply impacted your life, while working on retreat staff?

While working at Camp Eagle, our Texan sister camp, I coordinated multiple retreats with Wounded Warrior Project every year. Each trip was powerful in unique ways. We'd see men and women challenge themselves by jumping off cliffs, learn to trust each other on the group development initiatives, take away valuable life skills from the sessions they attended, and form deep bonds over steaks, cobblers, and campfires. It was a unique, amazing way to see real life-change happen in a very short amount of time, and those people became family to me.

Why should groups choose Glorieta as their retreat destination?

Our facilities are always improving, we have a head chef who makes delicious food, you can zip through the Rockies and rappel off of buildings. But at the end of the day, what really sets us apart is our staff. We're devoted to going above and beyond to serve your group, to build relationships and to custom-make the perfect experience your group is looking for.