How Climbing a Mountain Can Help You Grow Spiritually


If you’re searching for a way to recharge your soul… grab your Bible, your backpack, and your favorite water bottle, and look up! Here’s how climbing a mountain can take your faith to new heights.

An Experience with Nature

Much of our modern lives are consumed with technology, traffic, and important tasks that leave little time for the enjoyment of God’s creation. All too easily, we can forget that this impressive earth beneath our feet exists at all. 

Mountain climbing allows you to escape the hustle and bustle and go to a place that engages all your senses. It’s a chance to hear the rushing river, breathe in the scent of fresh pine, feel the rocky terrain of the trail – and remember that God created it all for your joy and His glory. 

A Different Kind of Quiet Time

Whether your hike starts with a time of prayer at the trailhead, or ends with a Bible study at the summit, the mountain climbing setting is sure to give you a new way to experience God’s presence and think upon His word.

With no cell phones or schedules, and just the task of climbing at hand, you’ll find that the gentle sounds of nature are a welcomed kind of noise, in a different kind of quiet time.

A Mindful, Meaningful Journey

Mountain climbing is a great way to practice being present in the moment, also known as mindfulness. By paying attention to your next step, the pattern of your breathing, and the beauty around you, it’s only natural to grow more aware of something bigger than yourself. 

Mountain climbing serves as a tangible reminder of God’s greatness versus our smallness, and for many, it provides a clear, fresh perspective on the ups and downs of life. It can bring clarity to your questions and help you face difficult problems with renewed courage and strength.

A Relationship Strengthener

Hiking in a group (or even with just one other person) allows you to connect on a deeper level than you might find in your normal day-to-day. It’s an experience that packs challenges and joys, as well as opportunities for you to encourage, support, listen, and bond.

It’s also just fun! There’s nothing like the accomplishment of arriving at the top, together. At Glorieta Camps, we’re big fans of anything that involves outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. Mountain climbing combines all three!