Educators: Find Clarity in the Greatest Classroom on Earth

educators-school-retreatIf you’re an educator, you already know... the end of summer is suddenly near! It’s time to open up that brand-new calendar and fill it with exciting possibilities for the upcoming year.

As you begin to plan out your schedule, you might consider these questions:

  • How will I handle those inevitable mid-semester blues – before they set in?
  • What are some ways I can create camaraderie in the student club I sponsor?
  • Where can I take my class to reward them for all they will accomplish in the months ahead?

School-focused retreats are a brilliant way for teachers and students to achieve these goals and more. Sometimes it only takes a handful of shared experiences – outside of the traditional setting – to bring a group together in a positive new way.

And it’s not just fun and games for students. One of the best benefits of a school retreat is the clarity it can bring to educators in, what we believe, is the greatest classroom on earth — nature!

Break Free From the Sedentary Setting

Everyone knows that outdoor learning has its perks. Sometimes you just need to turn out the lights and get outside – for everyone’s good! When students have the opportunity to move, explore, and even stumble through safe risks and challenges, their confidence, courage, and reliance on community are sure to grow.

What’s in it for teachers? A chance to step back, watch it unfold, and participate, too, in the fresh mountain air. We think it’s worth mentioning that high-fives and sunshine are proven to reduce stress – thanks to serotonin – and the retreat experience promises plenty of that. 

See Your Students in a New Light

A school retreat can give teachers a different lens to see their students through. Once you’re on retreat, you may discover that nature sets a stage where your students shine brighter. Outside of the classroom walls, an unlikely leader might be discovered in one student, while another could make huge gains in communication.

Whether they’re hiking the trail or taking on a team-building activity, you’ll watch your group lead discussions, share ideas, and resolve conflicts in all-new ways. It’s an opportunity for teachers to have a unique and unobstructed view of their students and vice versa! 

Take Home a Positive Shared Experience

Research shows that positive shared experiences, like the ones we offer, can increase retention and reduce classroom management problems. And that means… the potential for life-change!

At Glorieta Camps, we’re all about life-change through adventure. Located near Santa Fe, New Mexico, our campus provides 2,400 acres of the best “playground” around, with high-adventure activities, tall pines and rocky terrain to explore, and a caring staff, trained to facilitate a retreat experience that’s tailor-made with your desired outcomes in mind. 

We’re ready to partner with you, to give your students the positive stories they’ll share for years to come!