A Minister’s Retreat – What's It All About?

ministers-retreatWhether you’re a seasoned church leader or brand-new believer, it’s important to remember that rest is a necessary part of the Christian life.

And while it’s no contest who’s more deserving of downtime, we all know it’s common for pastors to become so focused on caring for others, that they neglect their own need for rest.

This means that, perhaps more than those they shepherd, church leaders often desperately desire a chance to step away from the sanctuary to decompress, connect with God, and grow in relationship with their family, spouse, and staff.

If you’re a church leader who could use a getaway, keep reading! We have a minister's retreat that may be the perfect solution for you.

3 Days of Rest, Adventure, and Relationship

Our Minister’s Escape at Glorieta Adventure Camps is a one-of-a-kind retreat experience inviting church leaders – and those they’re closest with – to escape to the mountains for three days of rest, adventure, and relationship. 

What Sets Our Experience Apart

  • Location: If you’ve been here, you already know… there’s just something special about our location. Nestled in the foothills of the Southern Rockies, just 15 miles southeast of Santa Fe, our campus offers all kinds of refreshment – from heart-pumping adventure activities to solitude in the fresh mountain air.
  • Flexible Schedule: We’ve designed our Minister’s Escape to be flexible, so participants can do it all... or simply catch up on their sleep. We have a schedule, but it doesn’t have to be followed at all! The important thing is that you relax, unwind, and spend time with God – whether alone or in a group. Rest is the goal; everything else is up to you!

So Much More Than S’Mores

While we do offer s’mores – and they’re always a hit – a minister’s retreat at Glorieta means a whole lot more. It offers countless benefits for church leaders and whomever they choose to bring along. 

What To Expect from our Minister’s Escape:

  • Real Outdoor Adventure – Our campus is home to rocky boulders, rugged trails, and tall pines – perfect for exploring by foot, bike, or zip line. Some of the activities we offer at our Minister’s Escape include the Via Ferrata, zip drop, and mountain scooters – just to name a few!
  • Meaningful Connections – Whether it’s over s'mores or a delicious meal in our dining hall, our Minister’s Escape is a great way to make meaningful connections with other church leaders. We can’t think of a better place to find solidarity with those who share the unique joys and burdens of your calling.
  • Opportunities for Worship – There are two times set aside on our Minister’s Escape schedule for guests to be led in worship. It’s a refreshing way for church leaders to sing praises to God from a new point of view – a chance to worship from someplace other than the stage!
  • Low-Stress Environment – Meals? They’re provided. Lodging? It’s part of the deal! All of our programmed retreats at Glorieta are designed to be all-inclusive, so guests don’t have to stress about anything. 

Real Renewal and Life-Change 

At Glorieta Adventure Camps, our mission is Life-Change Through Adventure. From our summer camps to conferences and programmed retreats, it’s our desire to serve our guests as Christ would, and see them return home changed. 

So, is it worth it... to invest in the rest of church leaders?

Think of it this way: a Minister’s Escape can be the single pebble, dropped in the pond, that causes a ripple effect of positive change – not only for the church leader, but the church body as a whole. A renewed, refreshed pastor can only mean good things for the people they lead in their homes and congregations!

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And be sure to ask about our “3 For Free” deal – bring any three from your ministry (you + two others) and it’s free!